ZEISS Intranet Shared Service Center Accounting

With more than 25,000 employees, Carl Zeiss AG is one of the leading companies in the optics industry. The Shared Service Center Accounting is the company’s internal service provider for the accounting, HR, and Policies & Guidelines departments. Employees work at various locations, but must be able to access the same documents and information at any time. We implemented a bilingual intranet portal that achieves precisely this objective.


Carl Zeiss AG

Project Scope

Concept, user experience & design, technical implementation, CMS, operation


Desktop, tablet, mobile devices


cloudshift® experience framework

Technical Operation


All-encompassing yet also manageable

From contact information for individual partners to the document download of a particular policy, employees can find all information at a central location. Dynamic filters make it easy to find the desired content.

Optimized for a wide range of end devices

Contents are optimized for delivery on various end devices. They are not sorted linearly, but can be reached via various access points.

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