9 Urban Biotopes Project Website

9 Urban Biotopes is an art project funded by the European Union’s cultural programme, that documents initiatives in participating cities in Europe and South Africa and puts them in context with one another. We developed a website that allowed participants to support and document their project progress in the most diverse locations. The ultimate challenge was to find common ground for the various technical characteristics of content management. We therefore decided to implement shared Google Docs and Google Sheets as a content management platform. An unconventional but successful approach: via an intuitively operable timeline, the contents of the website can be retrieved and are always current.


Urban Media Project, urban dialogues e.V.

Project Scope

Concept, user experience & design, technical implementation, CMS, operation


Desktop, tablet, mobile devices


Node.js, Google Sheets, Google Docs



Explorative Navigation

The interactive timeline is the key navigation element.

Management via Google Docs

An interface to shared Google documents enables easy management of all content despite completely different technical environments.

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