Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Corporate Design and Website UNEP Centre

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a leading private business school headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance was created as part of strategic cooperation between the business school and the environmental program of the United Nations, UNEP. We developed a corporate design that combines the specifications of both institutions and, at the same time, is based on a few simple rules. Furthermore, we implemented a website, limited to program participants, which is currently used by more than 15,000 members. In addition to the main website, users of the CMS system can also create and maintain their own project-specific websites.


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, United Nations Environment Programme

Project Scope

Concept, corporate design, user experience & design, technical implementation, CMS, operation


Desktop, tablet, mobile devices



Technical Operation

Easily comprehensible guidelines

An easy-to-use manual provides users with the corporate design for print and online media quickly and in only a few pages.

Central hub for most diverse information

The website gives different target groups access to materials and publications regarding the program specifically relevant to them.

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