Merck IT Showroom
Concept and Design

Merck is one of the leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies worldwide. Approx. 50,000 employees are currently active in 66 countries in the areas of healthcare, life sciences, and performance materials. New technological opportunities, networked and mobile devices are changing the routine work day, as are agile and collaborative processes. For Merck, we designed a showroom at their Darmstadt location that introduces employees to advances in IT that are available to them. Additionally, in collaboration with an internal work group, we developed the concept “View of the work environment of the future”.


Merck KGaA

Project Scope

Project management, concept, user experience & design, interior design

View to the future

The showroom focuses on the employees and answers their questions concerning their personal work environment in the coming years.

Work in progress

Design Mockup for the Merck IT Showroom

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