China Airlines Campaigns Europe 
online and offline

China Airlines is the official airline of the Republic of Taiwan: with a fleet of over 80 planes, the airline connects close to 120 cities worldwide. Over the course of many years, we have been responsible for all print and online campaigns in all European markets. To the greatest extent possible, we worked independently from the specifications by headquarters in Asia and developed a distinct style that addresses the visual customs and desires of a European clientèle. We designed hundreds of banners, prospectuses, flyers, digital advertising material as well as several convention booths for exhibiting at ITB in Berlin.


China Airlines

Project Scope

Campaign concepts, brand transformation, print design, implementation, content creation, media planning, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing

Efficient, effective, and creative

For China Airlines, we implemented campaigns that link online, print, and out-of-home concepts – similar to the rail & fly campaign in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn (German rail).

Consistent across various media

We developed a consistent graphic language for all media, from banner advertisements to the city light poster.

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